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Absolutely Spotless Focused Cleans

Intense Cleaning Where You Need It Most

A well-lived-in home can get dirty, fast - and life’s demands can make it tricky to keep up. Our focused cleans concentrate our energy on the areas that require the most TLC, whether that’s your kitchen, bathrooms, or other high-traffic spots. No matter the size of your space, we ensure the busy areas are clean as a whistle with our intensive, focused cleans.

Not Just Where You Need It, But When

Sometimes, it’s just the high-traffic spots that need some attention. Other times, the entire home is due for a clean. Whatever you need, we’re here to help! You might prefer weekly focused cleans with a whole house clean once a month or perhaps an alternating schedule between the two. Shift things around as needed to account for guests, holidays, vacations … you name it. Your home, your cleaning schedule.

What's Included in a Focused Clean


  • Wipe down the outside of cupboards and backsplash

  • Clean the exterior of fridge, stove and range hood (removing and cleaning gas range grates)

  • Clean outside and inside microwave

  • Clean and sanitize sinks

  • Clean countertops, including moving and cleaning all items/small appliances on counters

  • Clean kitchen table and chairs

  • Patio door cleaned, including the track, frame and glass

  • Vacuum and wash floor


  • Dust furniture, picture frames and belongings

  • Clean mirrors

  • Vacuum rugs, carpeting and floors


  • Fully clean counters, toilet, shower, and tub (including glass shower doors, grout scrubbed in showers/tubs, tracks of shower doors cleaned, chrome shined)

  • Wipe down all other bathroom items including scale, garbage can, towel holder, toilet paper holders, cupboards and shelving

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean all items sitting on counters

  • Vacuum and wash floors 

All Rooms

  • Clean all baseboards (where accessible)

  • Dust ceiling fans, dry dust blinds and high dust for cobwebs (where accessible)

  • Sanitize door knobs and switch plates

  • Dust window sills (where accessible), door frames, doors and trim

Living Rooms and Hallways

  • Dust furniture, picture frames and electronics

  • Clean mirrors

  • Vacuum rugs, carpeting and floors

  • Wash hardwood floors

  • Dust banisters

  • Vacuum and dust stairs

  • Clean front entranceway (including glass doors)

  • Inside of patio doors

Optional Add-Ons

The focused cleaning solution offers optional add-ons, including interior appliances, furniture vacuuming and wet cleaning of blinds.

Never Settle for Less than Absolutely Spotless

Book a free in-home cleaning assessment to find the perfect cleaning solution for your home. Boast the cleanest home on the block with the ultimate house cleaning services in Hamilton and beyond.

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