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Absolutely Spotless Furniture Cleaning

Customize Your Clean

Pick and choose your optional add-ons to complement the home cleaning solution of your choice from our Whole Home, Focused or Moving & Reno Cleans. Because your home can never be too clean!

Interior Fridge

  • Interior fridge: includes item removal prior to cleaning, then replacing and organizing when cleaning is complete

  • Removal and cleaning of all the shelves
    *Optional add-on of cleaning freezer

Oven Cleaning

  • Interior clean including racks (non-self-cleaning ovens only)

  • Self-clean ovens: Fully clean racks and wipe out what remains after the self-clean has run (the day prior)

Behind Appliance Cleaning

  • Wipe sides, walls and floor behind fridge/stove
    *Client must pull out the appliances prior to our arrival

Interior Cupboards

  • Sides, top, doors inside and out and hinges
    Note: All items are removed before cleaning and replaced after cleaning is complete
    *Service available for the kitchen and bathroom

Furniture Vacuuming

  • Removing all cushions and vacuuming sides, top and back where accessible

Wet Blind Cleaning 

  • Each slat of the blind is washed clean

  • Wipe down the blind header and all other parts

Where the Duster Won’t Reach

For the health and safety of our team, certain services are excluded from our offerings.


(mold, bodily fluids)

Animal Waste

Exterior Areas
(garage, patio, balcony)

and Laundry

Lifting Furniture
or Appliances

Pest Removal
and Infestations

Wall Washing

Never Settle for Less than Absolutely Spotless

Book a free in-home cleaning assessment to find the perfect cleaning solution for your home. Boast the cleanest home on the block with the ultimate house cleaning services in Hamilton and beyond.

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