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Struggling to fit cleaning into your busy schedule?

If cleaning keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile (and the pile keeps growing), we’re here to take cleaning off your mind.

Eco-Green Cleans

All of the cleanliness, none of the toxic chemicals. Your eco-friendly cleaning service to clean your home and protect your health.

Exceptional Team

Thoroughly vetted and intensely trained, our trusted and reliable cleaning crew delivers the best of the best, every time.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Our all-inclusive pricing allows us to give your home the attention it deserves without rushing against the clock.


Our cleaning products are pet-friendly, and so is our team! Pet-friendly cleaning for a happy, healthy, fur-free home.

Absolutely Spotless Isn’t Just a Name

It’s our guiding philosophy. We provide immaculate, eco-friendly home cleaning with a people-first approach - for employees and clients alike.

Absolutely Spotless bathrooms

Solutions that Sparkle

We’re more than a maid - we’re your trusted partner in your search for a spotlessly clean and ultra-healthy home.

Whole Home Cleans

Every room, every surface, absolutely spotless. Give your home the deep clean it deserves and have your space looking its best, with every detail accounted for. 

Focused Cleans

For when you don’t need every inch scoured but have high-traffic areas that require extra attention. The same unbeatable standards of cleanliness in the areas that need it most.

Moving & Reno Cleans

Deep cleaning to enter a freshly cleaned home, leave your old space looking its best, or add the absolutely spotless cherry on top of a newly renovated space.

Deep Dive Into Deep Cleaning

The ultimate addition to your cleaning kit - all of the tips, tricks, and insider info behind an absolutely spotless clean.

Absolutely Spotless kitchen cleaning

Discover Our Sparkling Reviews

Fabulous Job!

“…The team is reliable, flexible, has very reasonable rates, is fantastic with our animals, and does a fabulous job of cleaning our home!”

Holly, R. from Ancaster, ON HOMESTARS

Absolutely Spotless whole home cleaning

Your Questions, Answered

When you invite someone into your home, it’s only natural to have questions! Everything you need to know, all in one clean list.

Give the Gift of a Clean Home

Sometimes, all it takes is a clean environment and refreshed space to feel your best. Share that feeling with your loved ones by giving them the gift of an absolutely spotless home.

Clean and Connected

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Never Settle for Less than Absolutely Spotless

Book a free in-home cleaning assessment to find the perfect cleaning solution for your home. Boast the cleanest home on the block with the ultimate house cleaning services in Hamilton and beyond.

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